30 Story Powered Content Prompts

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Vanilla content acts as a repellent to your potential customers online. Bland, boring and bleurgh- it will get you nowhere. If you want your social media to contribute to your business success, then you need to start leveraging the power of personal branding. One thing all strong personal brands have in common, is the ability to tell a good story!

A great way to differentiate yourself and your business is to use the power of story-telling.

Compelling, story-telling content can help make a lasting impact with your audience online. Leverage the power of sharing your wins and fails with your audience, offering insights into your business journey and growth.

Sharing your story can inspire, educate and inform. Take the next step in propelling your personal brand with a months worth of content prompts and ideas. You truly never know who is watching online!

30 story-powered content prompts for founders

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