Adding Facebook Groups – SocialRebel Scheduler

Adding Facebook Groups – SocialRebel Scheduler
Step 1:

Navigate to the left hand-side of your calendar and click “Connect More”

Connect more image
Step 2:

Click the Facebook icon and Log into your Facebook account.

Facebook Connect symbol
Step 3:

From the drop-down, select the group you want and click “connect”

Facebook Connect symbol
Step 4:

You will now have an instruction page on your screen. From here, click “Authorise SocialRebel”. This will then take you to your groups page for you to add the app.

Authorise SocialRebel on your Facebook Group
Step 5:

In your groups settings, scroll down to “Advanced Settings” and in that box you will see “Apps” Click the pencil icon next to “Apps”

In the window that opens, click the blue box “Add Apps”

Group Apps - Adding an app to your FB group
Step 6:

Navigate to the search bar on the left hand side of your screen and type in SocialPost

Access extra tools and features of SocialRebel
Step 7:

Click the App called SocialPost with the purple thumbs up logo. In the pop-up window click “add”. Now you’re good to go! Navigate back to your SocialRebel platform and you will notice that your group is now connected.

Adding an app to SocialRebel
Step 8:

Navigate back to the SocialRebel platform and you will now see that your group is connected!

Post away!