Social media content plan handbook | ​​What should a great social media content plan have?

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Lily Stephens
Lily Stephens
Social media content plan handbook | ​​What should a great social media content plan have?

Social media content plans are great to keep your social media presence active and help guide your content strategy. We get it, social media content planning is tricky. Many say “isn’t social media supposed to be spontaneous?” Yes, it can be; but what about on days when you don’t have time for spontaneity? Do you just not post? 

Consistency is the main thing we notice that many businesses fail on when it comes to marketing. If your content is all over the place like a rollercoaster how can people know what to expect? Consistency is rewarded across all platforms, embracing it with a social media content plan will help you reach those KPIs and other goals.

Now’s the time to learn from us Rebels what we think a social media content plan should include. 

What should a social media content plan include? 

Quite simply your social media content plan should include as much detail around what you want to post. 

You should include:

  • Graphics – this will be the image or video you want to accompany your social post.
  • Prompts or full post copy – depending on how you post you may want to have prompts or the full copy for the social post.
  • Hashtags – these can be great to include so you aren’t stuck there for several moments figuring out what hashtags to use. Nobody has time for that.

Having these details ready and planned will make your social media posts more brand consistent and keep you actually posting! That’s the trick with it all, keep it consistent.  

How to create a social media content plan

Creating your social media content plan is relatively simple. Depending on the format you prefer you have a few options. 

Calendar style social media content plan: This style is self explanatory, it looks exactly like a monthly calendar only you would have your social media copy, image and hashtags listed in the grid of the day you want to send the post out. It can be a simple content plan to format and could work for you. 

Excel-style social media content plan: The preferred choice of content plans for many, including us at Rebellion. We use the rows and columns to separate the dates and information accordingly, we have a separate column which is also split into content pillars. We can then take from each pillar and ensure we have a nice blend of content going out. You can colour code it and personalise it until your heart’s content. We have a full blog on how to create a kick-ass content calendar here the Rebel way. 

How often should I use a social media content plan?

How often do you want to post? How successful do you want your marketing efforts to be? We use social media content plans religiously. Every month we create new content plans which help guide our marketing efforts. So once you start using a social media content plan you should really keep using it. 

What are the benefits of a social media content plan?

There are many benefits of a social media content plan. The main one is consistency. When you constantly post on social media the algorithm rewards you, of course there are other facts that affect the algorithm. But essentially social media platforms want you to post. 

When you remain consistent with your social media presence you are able to pull more information about what your audience wants to see. What are they engaging with, you can use that to improve your content and give your audience what they want to see. Which ultimately will keep them engaging with your content and will help grow your audience and followers. 

Having a detailed social media content plan will also help keep you on track to hit those social media goals. You can take an hour each month to plan the content and then refer back to your content plan when you are ready to create the post. This means you save time and energy and have less confusion or stress trying to come up with content on the fly. You can be more targeted in your approach and learn from your audience as you go. 

Socialrebel – your social media content plan saviour!

We get it, having a social media content plan is one thing. But what about posting and scheduling you ask? We have the solution. SocialRebel is a fantastic platform that you can use to help schedule your social media posts. You can add each social media platform to your account and create diverse and individualised content within the platform directly! 

Using SocialRebel to help schedule your content is quick and effective. Not only can you schedule and create the content you want, there is a content idea calendar which you can use to build out your content plan. All in one place. It’s really quite something. 
There you have it, everything a great social media content plan should have and why you really should be posting. Using social media can effectively support your overall marketing strategy and remain consistent as you build your audience. If it sounds like a lot, contact our team of rebels to help out. Interested in our SocialRebel platform? Learn more here.