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Re-engage, remind, and reignite

Want to capture those people who didn't buy first-time-round? Then it's a quality remarketing campaign you need. Without remarketing, you're wasting those valuable user visits. Remarketing can be done subtly across a multitude of platforms and can result in over a 40% success rate compared to standard ads alone.

With so many distractions online, it's easy for potential clients to get sidetracked. Our remarketing campaigns ensure they remember the value you bring. Bring your brand back to their mind, and stay at the forefront of their decisions with our precision-targeted remarketing.

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Love working with Rebellion, they have done wonders for the websites SEO and social media. They are easy to talk to and explain all the technical jargon so I understand what is going on. Really friendly company, look forward to working with them.
Chloe Grosvenor
Marketing manager, Heathfield Knoll
We have been working with Rebellion for a while now and have been blown away by the results, so much so that we have just enlisted their help for our sister company. They are knowledgeable and proactive and the results speak for themselves
Bekki Leaves
Director, FCC Paragon
Worked with Jade who was absolutely brilliant, made our Google Ads really efficient and explained everything in a really clear, easy to understand way. Thank you, would definitely recommend Rebellion Marketing
Davinia Stapleton
Office Manager, Eradipest

Why You Should Use Remarketing Strategies?

Re-engage with purpose

Remarketing isn't about spamming your potential customers. It's about providing them with the value they might have missed the first time around. Tailored ads, special offers, and a gentle nudge can work wonders, and help you hit your targets quicker.
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Amplify Your Reach

Get your brand back into the minds of past website visitors. Our strategies ensure your brand stays at the forefront, so when they come back, they're ready to buy.

Drive Conversions

Some potential customers just need a little push. Through optimised remarketing, we'll get them to finish what they started, driving up your conversion rates.

Precision-Targeted Campaigns

We analyse the behaviour of your website visitors, so our remarketing activity is seen by the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.

Dynamic Ad Creation

Using the latest in AI and machine learning, our dynamic ads change in real-time, based on user behaviour and preferences. It's personalised marketing at its finest.

Lookalike audiences

By analysing the attributes and behaviours of your most engaged users, we can target similar customers.Your remarketing ads won’t just be seen by those that engaged with your brand previously, but by new prospects too.


Data drives our decisions. We continually monitor and refine our campaigns based on performance metrics, so you get the highest possible ROI for your remarketing campaigns.

Meet The Remarketing Maestros

Our team of remarketing experts thrive on winning back those missed opportunities for you. By using deep insights into customer behaviour and the best tools to dig into the data, they re-engage your potential clients and drive them back into your sales funnel.

At Rebellion, our remarketing experts are ready to create a remarketing ad campaign for you. Find out more about our team:

Jade Arnell
Lily Stephens
David Fulton

From Google Display Network, to Facebook, and email campaigns, we ensure our remarketing efforts span across all relevant platforms, so we meet your customers wherever they are.

We’ll work carefully with you to ensure we hit that one clear goal - to bring back those potential customers that lost their way, and to skyrocket your conversions.

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Our Remarketing Tactics Rock

Precision-targeted campaigns

We don’t just post everywhere and cross our fingers that it works. Our team meticulously analyses the behaviour of your website visitors, and with these data-driven insights, we target those who have shown real interest in your offerings. We discern between a casual browser and a potential customer, so that each remarketing effort is laser-focused.

Harnessing the power of audience segmentation, we create specific ads for different user behaviours. Whether they abandoned a cart, browsed a particular product, or read a blog post, our ads speak to how they interacted with your site.


Dynamic ad creation

Our remarketing is anything but static. Utilising cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies, we create ads that change in real-time based on user behaviour and preferences. Imagine an ad that evolves to match the changing tastes of your audience - it's not science fiction, it's what we do.

Beyond changing content, our ads adjust their design, format, and even the call to action based on real-time data, and the type of device they’re using. This ensures a highly personalised experience to increase the chance of re-engagement.


Analytics & refinement

As the online arena continues to evolve, past successes don’t guarantee continued success. Our team is obsessed with numbers, because they allow us to continually enhance campaign performance. Every click, impression, and conversion is a story waiting to be understood.

Drawing from a robust set of analytics tools, we constantly refine ad placements, adjust budgets, and tweak creatives. Our ongoing processes, fueled by real-time data, means your remarketing campaigns will continue to perform, day after day.


Engaging your missed audience

Sometimes, even the most interested visitors can drift away. But they don’t have to, with our remarketing activity. Our re-engagement strategies ensure that potential customers remember, revisit, and resonate with your brand.

We utilise advanced retargeting strategies to remind those drifted potential customers about what they're missing out on. These campaigns focus on showcasing the value they sought when they first visited.

Different audiences require different messages. Our remarketing ads aren't generic; they are adapted based on the user's previous interactions, so they’re highly relevant, and there’s a much greater chance of the customer converting.

We value feedback, because it is crucial data that we can use as a tool. By analysing why users drifted away, we can refine our strategies, define what works well, and use that to inform how we build your success further.

With these strategies in place, we turn missed potential customers into loyal brand advocates. What are you waiting for?

Ready To Re-engage & Convert?

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Rebellion’s Remarketing Advertising: Give Missed Leads A Second Chance

In digital marketing, not all interactions lead to immediate conversions. But every interaction carries potential to help skyrocket conversion rates.

Rebellion's remarketing advertising transforms missed opportunities into renewed engagements. With a potent combination of precision-targeted ads and captivating creatives, we ensure that distracted customers are given a compelling reason to return. We’ll remind your audience of what they almost missed out on, and offer them a second chance to be part of your brand's journey.

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