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Interruptions and omissions in service
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Information on this site

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Information submitted on this site

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Social Rebel terms of service



These Terms of Service are effective as of January 1st, 2024. Please read these Terms of Service carefully before using our service. These Terms of Service (“TERMS”) govern your use of our service. If you register for a free trial of our service, these terms will also govern the free trial.

1.   Introduction.
  1. SocialRebel, (“SocialRebel,” “We,” or “Our”) provides its services, as defined below, to You through its website located at https://socialmedia.rebellionmarketing.co.uk/ (the “Site”), subject to these
  2. Your access to and use of Site are conditioned on Your full acceptance and compliance with these Terms and Conditions and this Website Privacy Policy, which are published at rebellionmarketing.co.uk and which are incorporated herein by reference (“Privacy Policy”). The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are applied to all visitors, users and others who access or use this Website. By accessing or using this Site, You agree to be bound by these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If You disagree with these Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy or any part of them, You must not use this
2.   General.
  1. These terms and conditions together with the sign-up form, Pricing Terms, Privacy Policy and any other special terms applicable (hereinafter the Terms) govern the provision of our services to You (hereinafter the User or You). The Privacy Policy, explaining how We collect and use Your personal data, can be found
  2. Language of the Terms. These Terms are available in the English
3.    Eligibility.
  1. By using our Services (as this term is defined below), You agree that the information provided to SocialRebel is accurate, complete, and is Yours or within Your right to use. (a) All registration information You submit to SocialRebel must be truthful and accurate; (b) You will ensure such information is accurate and up-to-date; (c) You are at least 18 years of age and/or have a full legal capacity to enter into legally binding relations; and (d) Your use of the Services does not violate any applicable law, regulation, and/or Your entity, company, or organization
  2. If You sign up to use our Services for a legal entity, You have the authority and agree to these Terms on behalf of that entity. If You do not have such authority, or if You do not agree with these Terms, You must not accept these Terms and may not use the Service.
  3. To be eligible to use the Service you (a) must not be restricted from using the services or be prohibited from using a SocialRebel account (b) are not a competitor of SocialRebel or are not using the Service for reasons that are in competition with SocialRebel (c) will not violate any rights of SocialRebel, including intellectual property rights such as copyright or trademark
4.   The Service.
  1. SocialRebel is a social media and a content marketing tool that helps to create, organize, publish, and promote content. SocialRebel provides a social media marketing tool for various social media sites (for example Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google My Business) through our Site (hereinafter the Services). The Services includes
  • the site (b) SocialRebel website application (c) SocialRebel Mobile Applications, and (d) other services provided through the Site based on the plan purchased, including custom content (not limited to all software, data, text, images, sounds, videos, gifs, advertisements) and other templates made available through the Site.
  1. Any new features or packages, or changes to existing services, are also subject to these Terms. The availability of some new features may require the payment of additional fees and it is up to the sole discretion of SocialRebel whether access to any new features will require a new
  2. Our Services are available to You for a fee (hereinafter Paid Services). There are different subscription plans from which You may choose the option suitable for Your needs. SocialRebel reserves the right to determine and change the scope of these subscription plans. The description for each of these subscription plans is available on our Site or can be provided upon Your request by contacting our Support Team hello@rebellionmarketing.co.uk.
  3. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by the User and SocialRebel, SocialRebel does not commit to any specific service or availability level, response times for responding to or repairing defects, or other obligations with regard to the upkeep or maintenance of the Services. While SocialRebel seeks to ensure that the Services are available and that support tickets are handled within a reasonable time (48 hours), SocialRebel undertakes no obligation relating thereto
  4. In particular, the User accepts that the Services may from time to time be unavailable due to planned interruptions of service for, e.g., developing the Services or repairing a defect therein. In such an event, SocialRebel shall endeavour to provide advance notice, if possible, of such planned
  5. Any services offered by SocialRebel to you not included in the Services (including customisation, integrations or consultative work) shall be charged separately in addition to your fees for the Services in accordance with the price list of SocialRebel in force from time to
  1. Account Registration. You can sign up to the Service with Your personal or Your business entity’s e-mail. By registering on the Site, You agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information which may be requested on the Site, including, but not limited to, a valid e-mail address and payment details for the service of your choosing. You agree to regularly update such information in order to ensure its relevance and
    1. When creating an account, the Site requires a username and a password to access the Site. The User’s registered email address will be used as a username to access his/her account on the Site. The password can be set by the User at his/her sole discretion or receive auto-generated upon sign-up from product demonstration. It is up to the User to change their auto-generated password. After registration, the User will be assigned an account on the Site. By completing sign up you confirm that you have read, and agree to comply with our Terms
    2. The User is solely responsible for maintaining security and confidentiality of his/her username and password, and for all activities and damage caused by improper storage of such data, its unauthorized use, and for any consequences which resulted or could have resulted from its use in such a manner. In the case of infringement of the confidentiality of the User’s username and password, and any unauthorized use of his/her username and password, the User must immediately notify us at [email protected].
  1. The User agrees not to permit the disclosure of his username and password to third parties, except SocialRebel, without our written permission. The User is fully responsible for the transfer of rights and access to his account on the Site to third parties. The User is responsible for all actions committed with the use of his/her account, username and
  2. User accounts are personal and may not be shared between several users unless this has been expressly permitted in the subscription plan purchased by the User from SocialRebel. SocialRebel reserves the right to audit user accounts in order to ensure that the number of, and use of user accounts is in accordance with the User’s subscription plan and to ensure the correctness of the service fees charged by SocialRebel. In the event access to a single user account is permitted for multiple persons under the relevant subscription plan, such multiple or simultaneous shall not exceed the user number limits provided for in the subscription
  3. Furthermore, a single User only has the right to create a single user account for the Services unless otherwise expressly provided. For example, Users are expressly prohibited from creating successive user accounts in order to secure multiple, free of charge trial periods or to circumvent the limitations on the number of social media accounts connected to a given SocialRebel account.
  4. We reserve the right to block the uncommitted and inactive user accounts at our sole discretion after 12 months since the last authorization of such account at the Site. SocialRebel will not be liable for failure to provide the Services and access to the Site to Users whose account has been
  5. If the User provides false or incomplete information or SocialRebel has a reason to believe that the information he provided is false, inaccurate or deliberately untrue, SocialRebel is entitled to block the User’s account unilaterally, and deny his/her use of the Services and
  6. If the User is suspected of having committed illegal actions, including, but not limited to, commitment of fraud with bank cards, violation of the intellectual property rights of SocialRebel or third parties, distribution of spam, malware, and other acts violating these Terms of Use and/or applicable laws, SocialRebel may report such actions to the relevant authorities and/or block the such User’s
  7. SocialRebel will be entitled to disclose the User’s identity to third parties appealing that any material/content posted by such Users in any way violate the intellectual property rights or the right to privacy of such third
  1. We may offer a free trial of the service without payment (hereinafter the Trial). The length of the trial can be changed at our sole discretion.
    1. In order to use the Service, you are required to register for our service for which you will pay a subscription fee for use of the Service following the expiration of any free Trials. We will request Your payment details at the end of the Trial. Upon continuation of services, You will be automatically charged on the day after the conclusion of the trial, on a recurring monthly basis unless otherwise stated. By providing Your payment details at the end of the Trial, You agree to continue using the Service for a fee until written notice of termination is delivered. If You do not provide us with Your payment details, the trial of service shall automatically expire. In the event the payment cannot be processed, Your subscription shall automatically
    2. Each User is only entitled to a single free trial period. A User may not create, or cause to be created multiple or successive user accounts in order to enjoy several free trial periods as provided under Section 5
7.   Fees and Payment
  1. Paid Services are available on a subscription basis. Fee amounts are specified on our Site and have to be accepted by You before using a Paid Service. Such Payment Terms are an integral part of these Fee amounts on the site are not inclusive of taxes and service fees which are to be paid at the discretion of the user. SocialRebel reserves the right to convert any free portion or feature of the Free Services into a Paid Service, and vice versa. SocialRebel may change the fees for Paid Services at any time with 30-days prior notice. In the event the You continue to use the Services after such a change, you will be deemed to have accepted the change in question.
  2. Fees are payable as an advance payment for the Services. SocialRebel currently uses Stripe and GoCardless and may use other third party payment service providers to handle all payments. SocialRebel is not liable for the processing of Your payments and shall not be liable for any matter in connection with the processing of Your
  3. Services are available on a 12-month fixed contract basis and is charged at the start of Your elected subscription term. Unless You cancel Your subscription prior to the expiration of its current subscription term, We will automatically renew Your subscription based on Your plan’s renewal cycle and will charge Your elected payment method with the applicable renewal subscription fees. Subscriptions must be cancelled at least 3 working days prior to expiration thereof to avoid automatic
  4. Authorization of charges. By becoming a subscriber of the Service and submitting your payment information to SocialRebel, you authorize SocialRebel to store your payment card information and to charge the billing source you have provided for your account according to the subscription plan you selected until your account is
  5. Overdue or Declined If You fail to pay your subscription fee on time, or if Your payment information is entered in error or does not go through for processing and You do not update payment information upon Our request, your entire subscription may be blocked or cancelled if the due payment is not received by SocialRebel within 14 days after You have been sent a reminder of the overdue payment/declined transaction. After your subscription is terminated, we will keep your current account settings on file for 90 days. After that time, SocialRebel reserves the right to remove such settings from our servers with NO liability or notice to you.
8.  Cancellation and Termination
  1. You may terminate Your subscriptions of Services at any time, however in order to terminate a subscription, You must deliver a written notice of termination at [email protected]. You are not entitled to any refunds for fees paid to SocialRebel, but You will retain access until that billing period is over and you will not be charged
  2. If Your account is cancelled, SocialRebel reserves the right to remove Your account information along with any account settings from our servers with no liability or notice to You. Once Your account information is removed you will not be able to recover this information. Upon removing Your account, these Terms are terminated and Your access rights to the Services immediately cease to
  3. SocialRebel may suspend or block Your account without prior notice if you are in breach of the Terms or if your actions in using the Service or your User Content (as defined below) are in breach of law (including but not limited to personal data legislation, intellectual property rights of third parties, laws against defamatory or pornographic material) or good business practice, or if your User Content or actions lead to claims by third parties against In such an event, SocialRebel reserves the right to (i) modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Service (or any part thereof) and (ii) refuse any/all current and future use of the

Service, suspend or terminate your account or any part thereof (or Your use of the Service), and remove and discard any of Your content within the Service. In the event we decide to terminate or suspend Your account and/or subscription hereunder, we will have no obligation to refund any payments made by You for the Services.

  1. SocialRebel may in any event terminate these Terms and Your right to access and use the Services by way of termination without cause by giving You a thirty (30) day prior written notice, in which event Your right of access to the Services will cease at the end of your present, paid-up subscription period. SocialRebel will use reasonable efforts to contact You directly via email to warn You prior to account suspension, termination or upon successful cancellation of Your
  2. Upon the termination or expiry of Your account for any reason, Your right of access to the Services will terminate
  1. User Content. Any content You store or post through our Service (hereinafter User Content) remains Yours. User Content can be, for example, texts, pictures, reviews, campaigns created and uploaded by You. User Content is not content You received or used from SocialRebel libraries or through SocialRebel Service in any other
    1. You hereby grant us a limited worldwide license to use, access, copy, modify, distribute, reproduce, store, transmit, reformat, edit, translate, make derivative works of, publicly display and publish the User Content to the extent needed by us to provide Services to You. The license You grant us is non- exclusive, fully-paid and royalty-free, transferable and sub-licensable.
    2. You are solely responsible for Your User Content and liable for any consequences out of or related to publishing or transmitting such content. By publishing or transmitting Your User Content, You confirm that You have the right to publish or transmit such User Content and that such actions do not violate these Terms, applicable law, or the intellectual property rights of any third You must ensure that no private content is accidentally made public.
    3. If You use our Services to carry out promotional campaigns, contests or similar, You are solely liable for ensuring that performing of any such activities are in compliance with all applicable laws and rules of the corresponding social media
    4. SocialRebel does not monitor the User Content. You are solely liable for the compliance of Your User Content and activities to the terms of the corresponding social media service providers.
    5. However, without assuming any obligation to do so, SocialRebel may delete any User Content or suspend or terminate Your User account with us at its sole discretion. SocialRebel may take such actions without any prior notification to the
    6. SocialRebel is not required to keep back-up copies of User Content once Your account or User Content is removed or blocked for whatever reason. We make no guarantee that User Content will be safely stored. To be safe, You should independently back-up Your User Content, to the extent permitted herein and by applicable laws and
  1. Prohibited activities. You are NOT permitted to do the following:
  2. Use the Services for illegal, harmful, misleading, fraudulent or other malicious purposes or to publish or communicate any unlawful, defamatory, violent, harassing, sexually explicit or otherwise objectionable content;
  3. Transmit material or content that contains viruses or other malicious code, or content which infringes or may infringe intellectual property or other rights of third persons;
  • Display, use or post the files that You download from the Site (Files) in a way that would lead to the conclusion that the model in the Files approves or endorses the items or services of any venture or trademark;
  1. Show a person depicted in the Files in sensitive scenarios that could reasonably be considered offensive or unflattering to that person (e.g., related to mental and physical deficits, sexual or implied sexual activity or preferences, crime, physical or mental abuse or ailments);
  2. Use the Files for pornographic, illegal or immoral purposes; and/or use the Files in items or products that could embarrass or humiliate a person or model in the Files;
  3. Send unsolicited, intrusive messages, spam, “chain letters”, to SocialRebel and Users;
  • Perform unauthorized actions for collection, storage, use or disclosure of Users’ personal information obtained by the User when using Site or as a result of uploading Files or obtaining Services;
  • Take any actions which may lead to the liability of SocialRebel towards any party or which may cause a suspension or termination of services offered by third parties to SocialRebel or Site Users;
  1. To interfere with the Site operation, Services available therein and other Users’ accounts;
  2. To register on the Site under another username and password, already being a registered User of the Site;
  3. To attempt unauthorised access to the Site or the servers on which it is hosted, or any other servers, computers or database, other equipment and technological tools related to the Site;
  • To perform DoS-attacks and DDOS-attacks on the Site;
  • To perform any other actions, which may violate the provisions of these Terms of Use and/or applicable laws, on the

The above-mentioned actions can be qualified as an offense entailing the punishment and sanctions provided for by law. In the case of such violations, SocialRebel will be forced to apply to the competent authorities to enforce its rights and interests, as well as the rights and interests of the Users of the Site. In the case of the above actions, such User’s right to use the Site and Services will be discontinued and SocialRebel will be entitled to disclose the User’s personal data and information to the competent authorities and persons as provided for by the applicable laws.

11. Intellectual property.
  1. The content provided through our Service, including all information, data, text, graphics, images, templates, sound files, software, advertisements and other material contained in SocialRebel’s libraries, website and Service is the property of SocialRebel and/or its licensors, and shall remain exclusive property of Us/said licensors (hereinafter SocialRebel Content).
  2. SocialRebel grants You a limited, revocable, personal (unless otherwise provided in the subscription plan), non-exclusive license to access the Service and view, copy, print and publish the SocialRebel Content made available to You through the Service during the term of Your valid subscription. You may use such SocialRebel Content for Your own use but You may not edit or make derivative works of SocialRebel Content, or reproduce, distribute or display it for any other reasons than provided in these
  3. For avoidance of doubt, You are not permitted to publish or use in any other way any of the pre-written templates in the library of SocialRebel for any other purpose than for the use of the These Terms do not grant You any rights to use the SocialRebel trademarks,

logos, service marks, button icons, design, domain names or other distinctive branding features, whether for commercial or non-commercial use, without the prior express consent of SocialRebel.

By accepting these Terms You agree that SocialRebel Content (e. g. templates, texts, images, and other material) is not unique to Your business and it may be used and published by other users as well.

Other than the right to access and use the Services as expressly provided herein, all intellectual property rights to the Services not explicitly granted to You in these Terms are retained by SocialRebel. Except as expressly permitted above, any use of any SocialRebel Content without the prior written permission of SocialRebel is strictly prohibited and any use of SocialRebel Content in breach of these Terms will terminate the license granted and Your agreement with us. To request permission for uses of SocialRebel Content not included in this license, You may contact SocialRebel at contact details provided below.

  1. Privacy policy. User privacy and protection of User information provided to SocialRebel while using the Services is very important to SocialRebel. Processing of User personal data by SocialRebel is subject to the SocialRebel Privacy Policy .
13. Third-party content.
  1. SocialRebel, other Users or third parties may provide content during the provision of Services or redirection to other websites (“Linked Sites”).. SocialRebel expressly disclaims responsibility for the accuracy, quality, legality, nature, availability or reliability of such Linked Sites through the
  2. These Linked Sites are provided solely as a convenience to our Users. Such Linked Sites are not under Our control, and We are not responsible for and does not endorse the content of such Linked Sites, including any information or materials contained on such Linked
  3. You will need to make Your personal independent judgment regarding Your interaction with these Linked
  1. No warranties. SocialRebel disclaims any and all warranties, expressed or implied, in connection with the Services. The Services are provided to You “as is” and “as available” and we do not, e.g., offer any warranties as to quality, fitness for purpose, non-infringement, completeness or accuracy of the Service. In particular, we do not warrant that the Services will work with any user interface or browser, or with any network connection particularly if the User does not have a sufficiently fast and reliable internet connection and updated and modern user interface and browser. Regardless of our efforts to provide You with services of the highest quality, safety and security, we make no warranty that the Services will be uninterrupted, timely or error-free or that defects will be corrected. SocialRebel does not warrant that the collection, transmission and storage of personal data is secure at all

SocialRebel reserves the right, periodically and at any time, to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, functions and features of the Services, all without liability to You for any interruption, modification, or discontinuation of the Services or any function or feature thereof. Reasonable advance notification will be provided of discontinuing the Services where possible. SocialRebel is not responsible for any difficulties in operating or using the Services that are caused by the web hosting

service provider, social media service provider, Your internet service provider or any other third party unless required by applicable law.

  1. Limitation of liability. To the maximum extent permitted by law, SocialRebel shall not be liable for any damages or loss of profit resulting from Your use or inability to use the Services or any unauthorised access to or interruption, alteration, loss or deletion of Your User Content or data. Furthermore, SocialRebel shall in no event be liable for indirect, consequential or punitive damages.

In any event, the aggregate liability of SocialRebel is limited to the amount that the User has paid to SocialRebel for the Services during the twelve (12) months immediately preceding that month in which the event giving rise to SocialRebel’s liability occurred.

  1. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold SocialRebel and its third party service providers harmless from and against any claim, demand, loss, damage, cost, or liability (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of or relating to any User Content You submit, transfer or make available through the Services, or from any promotional campaigns or contests organized or created by You, or Your misuse of the Services; Your breach or alleged breach of any of these Terms and Your violation of any rights (including intellectual property rights) of a third party.
  1. Amending the Terms. SocialRebel reserves the right to amend any part of the Terms at any time. SocialRebel will provide You with 30 days prior notice of such changes. The User is responsible to review the Terms. By continuing use, You agree to and accept the amendment and modifications.
  1. Applicable law and dispute resolution. The Terms are governed by the laws of the England and Wales without regard to its conflict of law rules. Any disputes arising out of, or in connection to these Terms shall be finally settled under the courts of England and Wales, unless otherwise required by mandatory

The legislation in Your country of residence might provide consumers with rights that are in conflict with the provisions of these Terms. In such a case, the mandatory provisions of the law supersede the conflicting provisions in these Terms. For more information on Your consumer rights, please contact Your local consumer advisory organisation.

  1. Final provisions. These Terms together with the sign-up form, Pricing Terms, Privacy Policy and any other special terms applicable constitute the entire agreement between You and SocialRebel with respect to the subject matter of these Terms, and supersede and replace all previous agreements, written or oral, applicable to the subject matter of these

AI Editor Terms of Use

1. Introduction

The AI Editor is a tool that utilises artificial intelligence algorithms to analyse text and
provide suggestions for improvement. It is based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The
following terms apply to the use of the AI Editor (the "Terms"), and it forms part of the
SocialRebel Terms of Service.

2. AI Editor Functionality

The AI Editor is designed to assist users in generating new content, optimising wording,
and increasing engagement. However, it is important to note that the suggestions
provided are based on algorithms and may not always be perfect, accurate or applicable
to your specific needs. Due to the nature of machine learning, AI Editor suggestions may
not be unique across users and may generate the same or similar content.

3. Beta Version

Please acknowledge that the AI Editor is a work in progress, and we may not be able to
address all issues or challenges related to its use or functionality. We encourage users to
provide feedback on the AI Editor, including suggestions for improvements or new
features, via [email protected].

4. User Responsibility

You agree to carefully review the content suggested by AI Editor before using it. Any use
of the content generated by AI Editor is made at our own risk. All content created by You
using AI Editor shall be considered User Content.

5. Use Restrictions

You agree not to use the AI Editor for any illegal, unethical, or fraudulent purposes,
including but not limited to the creation or dissemination of fake news, hate speech, or
malicious content. You agree not to use the AI Editor in a manner that violates any
applicable laws, regulations, or industry standards, including but not limited to laws
related to data protection and privacy.

6. Indemnity

You will defend, indemnify, and hold harmless SocialRebel or Rebellion Marketing, our affiliates, and our
personnel, from and against any claims, losses, and expenses (including attorneys’ fees)
arising from or relating to your use of the AI Editor, and your breach of these Terms, or
violation of applicable law.

7. Limitation of Liability

By using the AI Editor, You acknowledge and agree that SocialRebel, Rebellion Marketing and its affiliates
shall not be liable for any damages or losses, including but not limited to direct, indirect,
incidental, special, consequential, or punitive damages, arising from or in connection
with your use of the AI Editor.

SocialRebel, Rebellion Marketing and its affiliates shall not be liable for any inaccuracies, errors, or
omissions in the suggestions provided by the AI Editor, or for any damages or losses
resulting from the use or reliance on such suggestions.

Our aggregate liability under these Terms shall not exceed one hundred dollars ($100).



9. Privacy

We are committed to protecting the privacy and personal data of our users in
accordance with the Data Protection Legislation. Any data provided to the AI Editor will
be used only for the purpose of improving the functionality of the AI Editor and will not be
shared with third parties unless required by law.

10. Third Party Provider

The AI Editor uses ChatGPT, a third-party provider of artificial intelligence services, to
provide its functionality. By using the AI Editor, you acknowledge and agree to be bound
by OpenAI Policies, including ChatGPT's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as they may
be updated from time to time.

11. Changes

We are committed to improving the AI Editor over time, and may update or modify it from
time to time in order to enhance its functionality, accuracy, and reliability.

12. Termination

SocialRebel reserves the right to terminate or suspend access to the AI Editor at any
time, for any reason, without prior notice. This could include instances of misuse, abuse,
or violations of these Terms.

13. Contact Us
If you have any concerns or questions about the AI Editor's functionality or suggestions,
please reach out to our support team for assistance at [email protected].

If any provisions of these Terms are found to be void, invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions contained herein will not be affected or impaired.

SocialRebel may assign any, or all of its rights hereunder to any party without Your consent. Please send all notices under these Terms to SocialRebel to the e-mail address listed below.

Contact details:

Rebellion Marketing Limited

Unit 15, Abbey Court, Benedict Drive, Selby YO8 8RY

E-mail: [email protected]

Last review Jan 2024