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A beautiful website is the window to your business

Customers use it to decide if they want to work with you. WordPress websites make up over a third of all websites currently online, and we love WordPress website design just as much as the rest of the web does! Gorgeous design, outstanding functionality - what’s not to love?
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Wordpress website

Want WordPress website design for your business? We can build stunning sites in as little as 8 weeks.

Love working with Rebellion, they have done wonders for the websites SEO and social media. They are easy to talk to and explain all the technical jargon so I understand what is going on. Really friendly company; I always look forward to working with them
Chloe Grosvenor
Marketing Manager, Heathfield Knoll
We have been working with Rebellion for a while now and have been blown away by the results, so much so that we have just enlisted their help for our sister company. They are knowledgeable and proactive, and the results speak for themselves
Bekki Leaves
Director, FCC Paragon
We cannot speak highly enough of Jade and her amazing team. It has been a fantastic experience getting to know them and work alongside them. They have not only enriched our marketing knowledge but also our all-round marketing perspective
Francesca Prosser
Marketing Manager, All Hallows

Why Choose A WordPress Website Design From Rebellion?

You don’t have to choose between form and function - with WordPress you can have both!

A new website for your business should do everything you need it to, and give you the potential for even more. We’ll create gorgeous website designs that reflect your brand, and build the functionality that you need - whether that’s adding ecommerce, subscriptions, or something else entirely.
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Beautiful Design

We’ll take your brand colours, and your ideas, and our expert designers will create a beautiful design that won’t just appeal to you, it’ll sell your business to your customers too.

Flawless User Experience

We’ll ensure your WordPress website design works exactly as it should - we’ll create it with your users in mind, and then we’ll subject it to our rigorous testing.

SEO Perfection

Great design isn’t everything - your website needs to rank. We’ll create the design and the content, but we’ll also take care of the technical stuff that matters.

Ongoing Updates

Website security is often forgotten by business owners. Not with us! We’ll take care of your website, and make sure those all-important updates continue to be applied.

Content That Counts

Whatever messages you need your website to convey, our team can create the content to do that. Whether you need simple headings and paragraphs, regular blog posts, or video content, we’ve got you covered.

Future Functionality

As your business grows, your website may need to as well. WordPress website design means we can add more features with relative ease, without compromise.

Meet The Rebellion WordPress Website Design Experts

Our team of WordPress experts absolutely love what they do, and by working with Rebellion, you can access their expertise too. With their blend of technical knowledge and their flair for design, they’ll create a fantastic WordPress website design that engages potential customers and encourages conversions.

At Rebellion, our WordPress experts are ready to create your new WordPress website. Find out more about our team:

Chris Key
Dawn Matthews
Bradley Patching

The team will work carefully with you to make sure we clearly convey your brand and your messaging, and ultimately, to ensure that your website is the hardest working employee in your business.

Whatever functionality you want and need, we’ll use the best WordPress solutions to create those for you.

Let's talk about Wordpress website

Wordpress website

World-Class WordPress Website Design

Looks good, brilliant performance

Dazzling design is just one part of creating a website that is an asset for your business. If your website isn’t easy to use, and doesn’t have the tools that you and your customers want and need, it isn’t going to give you the return on investment that you want. We’ve got all that covered - and then some.

Harnessing the knowledge and experience of our team, we design fabulous websites that perform. Add in our specialist SEO techniques, killer content, and the insights that we gather from world-leading analytics tools, your website will be the best investment you can make when it comes to marketing your business.

Wordpress website

Content that captivates

Keeping prospective customers on your website means you’re more likely to see them buy from you, whatever your business offers. Our team of content experts will create the headlines, hooks, and calls to action to encourage them to click through and convert.

It isn’t just the sales content though. We’ll work with you to create a content marketing strategy that really captivates your audience, helping to build that all-important trust and encouraging them to turn to you as an expert within your field.

Wordpress website

Analytics & maintenance

WordPress website design isn’t a one-off job that we can leave when we’re done. We’ll work with you to ensure that your website continues to perform, in terms of speed, visitors, and on the SERPs. Every click, impression, and conversion gives us the information we need to help your website perform even better.

Drawing from a robust set of analytics tools, we’ll keep refining your website, and identify where we can make improvements. Our ongoing support, combined with real-time data, and top-notch tools will keep your website at the top of Google with no additional effort on your part.

Wordpress website

Stellar SEO strategy

Just because you build it, doesn’t mean that visitors will come. It just isn’t as simple as that - you have to make sure you’re marketing your website, and to get it ranking as high as possible on Google.

Our team of SEO bods will ensure that we’ve identified the best keywords for your site, as well as doing a comprehensive competitor analysis, so we can find the best content opportunities. We can then work with you to create that content on your behalf, saving you time and money that you can be putting into other aspects of your business.

It isn’t just on-page SEO they’ll tackle though - we’ll also deal with all those bits that many business owners simply don’t have time to understand, let alone to put in place. We’re talking about adding meta descriptions, making sure links are still valid, and that URLs have a clean structure. We love getting into these details, so let us take care of them for you.

If this all sounds good, then what are you waiting for? Get in touch and tell us about your current website, and what you really want - and we’ll get started.

Ready For A Fabulous Website?

WordPress website design means a world-class website for you. Work with the Rebellion team, and we’ll create a gorgeous website that attracts the customers you want, and the conversions you need. Talk to our experts today!

WordPress Website Design From Rebellion

Boring website design with no bells and whistles? We don’t think so! We’ll work with you to create the look and feel that you want to offer your customers, with the technical functionality that you need within your business. Our team of WordPress whizzes will make use of all their coding know-how, combine it with the latest and best plug-ins, and add in their SEO prowess to build a brilliant website.

Not only will we create the website, but we’ll create the best content to ensure that when we’ve got your customers to your website, we’ll keep them there, with powerful calls to action that quickly convert.

Want to know more? Get in touch, and we’ll get a high quality WordPress website design live as soon as we can.

Let's talk about Wordpress website