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We're a PPC Agency in Hampshire that doesn't beat around the bush. The quickest and most reliable way to get ROI from your marketing is with a solid paid ads strategy. Fact.

It's a surefire way to get your brand to the top of search results for intent-lead and conversional search terms to help you dominate your industry.  We know PPC like the back of our hand and we won't sell you the dream, if we don't think PPC will work for you, we'll tell you!

Book your free discovery call today and let us get your PPC working for you.

Let us place your business right where it needs to be: at the forefront of potential customers' searches as sponsored, top-tier results.

We have been working with Rebellion for a while now and have been blown away by the results, so much so that we have just enlisted their help for our sister company. They are knowledgeable and pro-active and the results speak for themselves.
FCC Paragon
Bekki Leaves, Director
We utilise Jade and the gang at Rebellion for our marketing and have been so impressed with their ideas, help and professionalism. Thank you for all your help and we look forward to working on some truly rebellious marketing with you here at FBR Recruitment.
FBR Recruitment
Alex Wing, Management Consultant
Rebellion Marketing have been our partners from very early in Tratech’s journey. Their expertise and commitment to helping us grow has been a driving factor in our increasing visibility as a brand. What they don’t know about marketing isn’t worth knowing.
Tratech Consulting
Matthew Rose, Owner

PPC agency Hampshire, increasing your online presence

Unlock the full potential of your paid advertising with us as your, PPC Agency partner. Our team dives deep into the nuances of your business, crafting and fine-tuning PPC campaigns for unparalleled ROI.

From razor-sharp keyword research and compelling ad copy creation to meticulous budget management and results analysis, we handle it all. Partnering with us means freeing up your time while tapping into our expertise in the ever-evolving digital marketing sphere.

Elevate your advertising game; let us navigate and amplify your PPC efforts, steering your campaigns towards unprecedented success.

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Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click

How does a PPC Agency work?

Well, we can't speak for others(!) but our PPC Agency works by first understanding your goals and objectives, not only for your PPC marketing but for their business as a whole. There's no point in us hitting goals you're not bothered about eh!

Digging deep and understanding what you want to achieve allows us to tailor PPC campaigns that always exceed expectations. We then carry out thorough keyword research and create ad copy that is not only engaging but also aligns with the search intent of your ideal users.

We constantly monitor and optimise campaigns, adjusting budgets and targeting to ensure maximum ROI for you. Our PPC Agency also stays up to date on the latest developments in PPC marketing, such as new ad formats and changes to search engine algorithms, so that we can adapt our strategies accordingly.

Ultimately, our goal is to drive results for you through effective PPC campaigns, if you win, we win! Whether it's increased sales, website traffic or lead generation – we align with whatever your unique objectives may be. Book your free discovery call to see how we can get PPC working for you.

Pay Per Click

Why should I use a PPC Agency?

PPC Agency in Hampshire

We've all heard those horror stories, haven't we? The one where a business ploughs thousands of pounds into their Google ads, only to get zero leads and reach none of their set objectives. More often than not, this happens because Google ads aren't as straightforward as they appear, and using the smart campaign that Google takes you through, isn't usually conducive to achieving the best results!

Working with us as your PPC Agency will mean you have an expert on hand who will create your PPC campaigns to ensure they meet your objectives, using best practices for optimisation and targeting. Not only that, but we understand how to best track the performance of your campaigns, adjusting them as necessary to ensure maximum ROI.

This means you won't waste money on irrelevant clicks and can focus on what matters – achieving your business goals through PPC marketing. So why not leave it to the professionals and work with us as your PPC Agency, so you can get on with what you do best!

How our PPC services can help you

Google Search Ads

As your PPC Agency we will guide you on the best Google advertising methods to use. One key ad type is search ads. Google search ads , as the name suggests, show up in Google search results when someone searches for a relevant term.

These are incredibly effective in reaching your potential customers at the exact moment they are searching for and are ready to buy something that your business offers. This is why we focus on driving intent-based search traffic to your website, to increase conversion rates and deliver better quality leads.

As your PPC Agency, we will manage everything from creating compelling ad copy to targeting the right keywords and managing budgets for maximum ROI.

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Google Display Ads

Google display ads work by targeting potential customers based on their online behaviour and interests, showing up as banners on websites across the Google Display Network.

This ad type is often used for brand awareness campaigns, but can also be highly effective in driving website traffic and conversions. As your PPC Agency, we will help you decide if this ad type is right for your campaign, as well as managing the creative assets and targeting.

Google local Ads

Google local ads work by showing up in Google maps and in the local pack section of search results, targeting potential customers based on their location. This ad type is perfect for businesses with a physical location or those that offer services in a specific geographical area.

As your PPC Agency, we will manage everything from setting up and verifying your Google my Business listing to creating targeted ads and tracking performance. This way, you can attract more local customers and drive foot traffic through your doors.

Google local Ads

As a PPC Agency (amongst other things!) we work predominantly with the Independent Education sector and with B2B businesses across the UK to deliver exceptional campaign results from their Google ad spend.

With lots of our clients boasting their best year ever, it’s safe to say we know what we’re doing with Google paid advertising.

We work closely with each of our clients to understand their objectives and create ad campaigns that supercharge their inbound website traffic. It all starts with a kick-off meeting, where we’ll spend time really understanding your business. Then, we’ll create a strategy for the campaign, conduct keyword research and develop eye-catching content. Once you’re happy, we launch the campaign and watch those clicks come pouring in.

Ready to get started? Pop your details into our contact page and one of the team will give you a call.

Meet the Pay Per Click team

Meet our amazing team that will be helping you with your web design
David Fulton
Jade Arnell
With a wealth of knowledge and experience running PPC campaigns for businesses across the UK, we're certain we can help you achieve your goals.
Increased website traffic
Better qualified leads
Real-world data
An on-hand PPC expert
Lead generation
Brand awareness

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Why choose Rebellion Marketing as your Marketing Agency in Hampshire

The Rebellion marketing team at foxlease
No bullshit

We're your no-nonsense digital marketing agency where action speaks louder than words.

In a domain awash with jargon and complexity, we stand out by delivering straightforward, transparent, and results-driven strategies tailored to your business.

Full transparency

We stand firmly on pillars of transparency and clarity, ensuring our clients navigate through their digital marketing journey with utmost confidence.

We pride ourselves on providing crystal-clear monthly reporting, revealing the true impact of our strategies, and always keeping you in the loop. 

Other stuff

Experience a surge in business growth through our innovative, results-driven strategies. With our team, gain access to diverse marketing expertise, ensuring your brand not only reaches but captivates your target audience.

With Rebellion, your brand embarks on a journey where every marketing effort is meticulously crafted, and every outcome is a step towards unparalleled success.

What our digital marketing service can do for you

We are a digital marketing agency in Hampshire, specialising in supporting the independent schools market and B2B commercial enterprises to smash their digital marketing goals.

From digital marketing audits, through to developing full digital strategies and carrying them out, there’s nothing in the digital marketing arena we can’t do!

If you are regularly putting out content and not seeing results, let’s talk. Whether it’s creating optimised copy to help you rank on Google, or growing your social media following, we can work with you to find your voice, show your personality and grow your audience.

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