All Hallows

All Hallows
Rebellion is a refreshingly down-to-earth company, with a genuine, creative, and dynamic approach to Marketing.

We cannot speak highly enough of Jade and her amazing team. It has been a fantastic experience getting to know them and work alongside them. They have not only enriched our marketing knowledge but also our all-round marketing perspective.

Evidence and data-driven; we are particularly impressed by the tools they have to offer (Social Rebel being a real bonus) as well as the results we’re seeing – the data really does speak for itself.
Rebellion offers us support with everything and anything… from managing our social media accounts, blogging, website development and maintenance, SEO, print and digital ads (including Google and Facebook), not forgetting our long- and short-term marketing strategy.
Nothing is too much hassle, and there is nothing these Rebels don’t already know!
Francesca Prosser

Francesca Prosser
Marketing Manager


Decrease in new student applications after Covid and Brexit


Marketing for the education sector is a different ball game, but it’s one we know how to play. Read about how we increased All Hallow’s new student enquiries by 64% while saving THOUSANDS on their marketing spend.

All Hallows is an independent boarding school offering full-service boarding and day education. Located in the heart of Somerset, this school takes private education to another level. Focusing on a fully encompassing model in which children experience a home-from-home setting in their boarding sets them apart.


All Hallows came to Rebellion when they began to find themselves with a decrease in new student applications, in particular from their international students. This was in part due to Brexit, and so they needed a fresh new approach to increase their local foothold and gain attention across the UK.

It began with an audit. This included our Rebels looking at all online and offline marketing techniques. We analysed the data and created a detailed 12-month marketing strategy. Using this strategy to help inform our marketing techniques, we worked across the board. Including, PPC, Social media, Content, SEO, and more.

Within the PPC services we created and implemented a comprehensive strategy where none was previously used. This enabled us to truly target the right audience and locations based on specific keywords and search intents.

After in-depth analysis and research, we took full control of the marketing budget and looked at where there could be more cost-effective solutions. Many of the offline marketing strategies were not serving their purpose and yielding next to no results. We removed that spend and allocated it into the new PPC strategy. Ensuring all demographics, audiences, and locations were exactly what we were looking to attract.


After continually adjusting our strategy based on new data and results we found that we were able to reduce All Hallow’s marketing spend by £35k over the 12-month period. Not only was a reduction in overall marketing spending a fantastic result, we also increased their new student enquiries by 64%. This huge increase in new students (at reception level) required All Hallows to create an additional reception class for the sheer number of new applicants.

We continue to work with All Hallows across each service and continue to adapt our strategy based on the data and results we obtain.

Marketing is a constant and needs to be adjusted as new data and information is surfaced throughout the campaigns. Is your marketing looking stale and stagnant? Need a Rebelution to fix your marketing, contact our rebels now.