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So, You Want To Get To The Top of Google?

So, You Want To Get To The Top of Google?
Written by
Sarah Hopkins
Sarah Hopkins

I hate to break it to you, but so does everyone else…Getting to the top of Google is one of the most sought after marketing goals, and to be honest, it is for a good reason! However, to reach the shiny top place of Google, you’re competing against every other business in your industry, location and keywords. 

Shockingly, it’s been found that 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engines! Inspiring this fantastic interpretation from Huff Post, Kudos!

Get to the top of Google | SERP SEO meme | "The best place to hide a dead body is page two of the Google search results"
Image credit, Huff Post.

This just goes to show how important it is for your business to appear on the first page of Google search engine results pages. Google is the all-powerful source of information, we not only trust the results, but we also rely on them. This is why Google’s algorithm for ranking quality, relevant and location information is so complex and why we as marketers have a whole job just for that purpose!

Can it still be achieved? Can you get to the top of Google!? 

Well, yes! You can get to that first page, but let me be frank. It’s going to take time, work, commitment, keywords, maybe a few tears (I’m looking at you, Google Algorithm updates!). But, most importantly, a solid strategy for your marketing plan of action. 

The way Google works to provide accurate information to us 24/7 is by having automated computer systems that ‘crawl’ websites, visiting websites and taking snapshots of information, determining the subject of each page and storing it away in a database. 

Google then uses this mass amount of data to provide the most relevant, quality information possible for particular subject keyword searches. The most relevant gets displayed first, and the second relevant, second… and so on, creating a list of ranking relevant web pages, that are known as a search engine result page (SERP). 

Then, every so often, Google likes to throw in an algorithm update that completely redefines this system every couple of years! THANKS!

In the first step, you need to decide on what method you’re going to use to get to the top of Google, as there are multiple methods. 

To help explain these methods, let’s break down a SERP for the keyword search “cupcakes near me”. Here I’m triggering a keyword, showing shopping intent and indicating a location-specific search. 

Get to the top of Google | SERP for SEO | "cupcake near me" search

As it’s a competitive keyword, the very top of this Google SERP is ads. First, shopping ads, then text-based, PPC ads. 

=Google Ads, otherwise known as PPC, pay per click. For immediate top SERP results – the ‘pay to play’ option of getting to the top of Google!

Next, we have location-specific results for cupcakes near me. Highlighting relevant and quality Google My Business listings in and around me (Portsmouth, Hampshire). 

=Search Engine Optimisation using Google My Business listings. A great way to create, list and update important details about your business to your audience. Very important if you rely on location for your business and/or services.

Finally, after these three separate types of SERP results, we get to the organic listings:

Get to the top of Google | SERP for SEO | "cupcake near me" search

These are the web pages that Google has crawled and ranked as most relevant to help answer what I’m looking for. 

= Search Engine Optimisation on web pages, with kick-ass Content Marketing to continually update and tell Google why you’re relevant for this specific keyword. However, be warned, SEO can take up to 6 months to see results! Anyone who tells you otherwise, you should stay clear of! 

So, when you ask how can I get to the top of Google? 

It depends hugely on your industry, your competitors, the keywords you wish to rank for, how long your patience is; and most importantly, what budget you can contribute to this marketing goal. 

Having your business on Google and getting to the top of Google is abundantly worthwhile, it could even be argued, essential in this digital world. So let us run over the benefits of each method to help you determine which is best for your business both in the short and long term. 

Benefits of Using Pay Per Click (PPC) To Get To The Top of Google

  • Immediate results – ads campaigns can be set up quickly. Agencies can help find the best keywords to rank for and suggest sensible budgets to help reach your goals. Bear in mind that some industries are more competitive with PPC than others. For example, expect a big Cost Per Click (CPC) price if you’re wanting to rank for highly competitive keywords.
  • PPC ads are a guaranteed place on the first page of Google, if you’re winning the bidding war to get your ad there in the first place that is! 
  • If you’ve launched a new website and Google hasn’t crawled your website to start ranking it organically yet; PPC is a fantastic way to bring traffic to your website while it’s being indexed and ranked by the Google crawl bots. 

Benefits of Using Google My Business To Get To The Top of Google

  • Google My Business (GMB), is free and easy to use. Provided by Google it can help you appear in both map and location-based results. Setting up a profile and maintaining it is a no-brainer!
  • Your audience can leave reviews through your GMB listing. The more reviews you receive, and in particular, the more positive reviews your business listing receives; Google recognises your business as a relevant and popular business, so is more likely to rank it higher in searches. 
  • GMB listings appear on the mobile app for Google maps. Giving another way for people to discover you! Especially important as we all use our mobiles more and more for search. 

Benefits of Using Search Engine Optimisation To Get To The Top of Google 

  • Although it’s a long term strategy, SEO can bring huge benefits to your business. For example, by ranking organically you’re being flagged as relevant for someone’s search query. Sometimes, ads can miss this relevance as they are bidding on just the keyword; whereas ranking organically for a search keyword means that the searcher is actively looking for your solution. Like putting two puzzle pieces together. More relevance, the more quality traffic is being driven to your website, the more likely someone will convert (if your website supports this customer journey, that is!) 
  • SEO is free! Well minus the work hours required, no budget (like PPC requires) is needed to get your SEO kick-started; and bonus, there are some simple ways you can start to improve your website.
  • As SEO is such a labour of love, and if you’re willing to put in the effort, it’s a fantastic way to sail ahead of your competition. Improving your online presence, and helping you stay competitive in your industry. 

Of course, with anything, there are some cautions to using PPC and SEO.

For example, PPC can quickly absorb your budget if you’re doing it wrong, say goodbye to your ROI. Additionally, you can be punished by Google for not aligning with their SEO suggestions, I’m looking at you, keyword stuffing! 

But imagine how powerful it can be, using each method to its best ability…

If you’re looking for a hand at getting to the top of Google kick-ass, get in touch with Rebellion Marketing, a Marketing Agency that knows exactly how to jump through these ranking hoops. We can create a strategy and approach that identifies the perfect keywords for you, write or assist with Content Marketing, and create Google Ads, all while keeping you ahead of your competitors. Now, where’s that cupcake…!